Nighthawk is a powerful and personal companion to the official Twitter app — with some key distinctions.

It’s built from the ground up with speed, empathy, and authenticity in mind.

Your timeline should reflect what you care about, not the opaque agenda of a black-box algorithm.

By default, Nighthawk displays tweets in the timeline chronologically, the way nature intended. You’re bound to come across some tweets that might rub you the wrong way, which is why Nighthawk provides tons of human-curated filters to mute out what you don’t want.

Looking to take a break from election chatter? Add the U.S. Politics filter. Planning to see The Rise of Skywalker? Add the Star Wars filter and hide tweets with potential spoilers.

Your MySpace Top 8 reincarnated.

Your closest friends probably mean more to you than Brand X does, so it would make sense to give your friends’ tweets priority over everyone else’s. Enter the Close Friends timeline.

When Nighthawk is first launched, you’re given the option to select who your close friends are. When you view your Close Friends timeline, all other accounts will be hidden, allowing your friends and their dumb opinions to rise to the top.

Rapid fire features list time!

  • Close Friends timeline elevates the people you care about from the rest of your timeline
  • Tweet analysis helps label users and tweets that appear to have less-than-stellar intentions
  • Intelligent, curated filters help silence whole topics and specific user traits with fine-grain controls on the intensity of filters
  • Rich link previews without all the tracking nonsense that you normally get
  • Blazing fast performance on all devices
  • No ads, no data harvesting for advertisers
  • Tons of gorgeous custom home screen icons to make the app yours
  • Choose between the system appearance, always dark, or always light mode
  • Post photos, GIFs, and videos
  • Mentions tab
  • Search tab

“But what abou-”

Listen, we’re trying. But we also have full time jobs. Nathan works a full-time job and Sam works as a freelance UX designer. We’d love to work on this full time, but we gotta prioritize development time to find which features deserve our signature Nighthawk razzle-dazzle™.

“Oh, alright. By the way, I’ve got this idea for an app tha-”